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Signature restaurant Taurus

Signature restaurant Taurus

Meet our signature dish


Set in a modern and elegant setting, Taurus Restaurant offers an exciting a-la-carte menu featuring innovative dishes, a wonderful blend of local and international flavors inspired by elements of different culinary traditions. With the desire to serve top quality food, our cuisine focuses on clean and clear food aromas. This was the guiding principle in creating our signature dish.

"The fusion of international and local high-quality groceries is the basis of our signature dish," says our chef, Nikica Miškić.

Our signature dish is Rib-eye steak made from Black Angus cattle from Argentine pastures. Its specialty is that it is baked in a Mibrasa barbecue oven for the best taste and smokey aroma. Side dish are grilled artichoke hearts, fried batatas and one of the most famous sauces served with steaks, chimichurri. Chimichurri is a famous Argentinean sauce of garlic, parsley, chilli, wine vinegar and olive oil, close to Mediterranean cuisine. It goes well with meat, fish and vegetables. We serve our signature steak sliced ​​on tagliat (medium ribbons), medium-baked with the previously mentioned side dishes ” Nikica emphasizes.

Nikica's innovative culinary approach is highlighted in the special attention he pays to every detail always emphasizing the freshness of the ingredients. He started his career in the international hotel chain and has led his business from top restaurants at the seaside to all kinds of restaurants and cuisines in Zagreb, where he became acquainted with all kinds of gastronomy and cuisine. He is passionate about preparing top quality meats but also fish specialties.

Our recommendation is to indulge in wide selection of dishes by our Nikica.