Second Birthday of Grand Casino

Concert of Tony Cetinski


One of the most popular names of Croatian pop scene, Tony Cetinski, is coming to the birthday and big celebration of Grand Casino Admiral. Ruler of music charts, one of the most performing singers and multiple Porin winner will sing his biggest hits on the stage of Grand Casino. Audience will enjoy in hits like '“23. prosinac”, “Blago onom 'ko te ima”, “Umirem sto puta dnevno”, “Žena nad ženama”, same as in hits from current album 'Kao u snu'.  This is the renowned artist's twelfth studio album, and fans have been waiting for it for six years.

After nearly thirty years of a great career and countless hits that are sung by all generations, Tony always leaves his heart on the stage. Same will be 18th October on the second birthday of Grand Casino Admiral. The concert starts at 9pm and entrance is free.

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