Join Movember movement


November arrived, and with him Movember, a men's health awareness movement in which men grow moustaches and beard to emphasize the importance of fighting against prostate and testicular cancer. The word 'Movember' was created by merging of two English words - moustache and November. The movement, which originated 15 years ago from Australia, is also raising awareness of men's mental health. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in Croatia. Most middle-aged, but infrequently, young men die from it.

"Detecting the disease as early as possible means a greater chance of complete cure," says MD Dijana Poplašen. She emphasizes the importance of preventative checkups and timely treatment that can literally save lives. Men, this month is for you, so use it to further educate and take care of yourself!

Admiral Croatia joins this movement! Our employees will grow moustaches or beard in support of anyone who had survived or is struggling with the disease. If you've always wanted to see how your mustache looks - this is the perfect opportunity because what is a man without a moustache?

We urge all men to let go of their manly moustache and not to forget to control their health, and women - get involved in the #Movember campaign and remind  favorite men in your life that it's time for checkup.