Dog Waiver

Dog Waiver

(This Agreement applies to domesticated dogs other than Service dogs)


Room No.: _________________________________________________________________________

Guest name: _______________________________________________________________________

Dog name & breed: ________________________________________________________________

Dog weight: ________________________________________________________________________

Emergency contact name & mobile number: __________________________________________

I hereby agree to the following regulations and restrictions while staying at Admiral Hotel:

-        My pet is a domesticated dog that weighs no more than 40 kg/88 lbs.

-        No more than two dogs are permitted in my room, together up to 40 kg/88 lbs.

-        I understand that I will be charged 75 HRK, per night for my dog. This fee is non-refundable. I understand that additional fees may apply should my dog cause any damage.

-        The dog bed, bowls and mat are only provided for the duration of stay and belong to the Hotel.

-        I agree to keep my dog on a leash or in a pet carrier while using public areas of the Hotel.

-        I understand that dogs are not permitted in the Restaurant, Bar, Meeting Point area, Relax Zone, Gym and Grand Casino.

-        I acknowledge that I will walk my dog to relieve it of bodily functions on the outer perimeter of the Hotel property, away from the building facade and flower beds. I am also responsible to properly remove and dispose of any litter or waste associated with my dog on Hotel premises.

-        I must notify the Front Desk and hang the “Do not disturb, my dog is resting” door hanger when I leave my dog unattended in my room.

-        I agree to be present, while any member of the personnel such as Housekeeping, Room Service or Maintenance is present in the room. Room cleaning must be scheduled for a time when the dog is not in the room or the owner is present.

-        As a responsible pet owner, I agree to accept full and complete responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by the dog and suffered by any guest, employees or invitees to the Hotel, during my stay at the Hotel.

-        I understand that the costs for the repair of any damages or additional cleaning requirements caused by my dog’s behaviour and presence in the Hotel, will be charged accordingly. This includes flea treatment of the room. I hereby authorize the Hotel to charge my credit card for such surcharges, even if they are discovered after my departure from the Hotel.

-        I agree to prevent noise or any further disturbance by my dog, in the interest of other Hotel guests. Furthermore, I agree to pay for any loss of revenue, caused by an early departure of other Hotel guests, who felt disturbed by my dog.

-        I agree that, should my dog create any disturbances which cause complaints by other Hotel guests or personnel, at the request of Hotel Management, I shall immediately make arrangements to house the dog outside of the Hotel. Otherwise, I will be asked to leave the Hotel without reimbursement.

-        I understand and agree, that the Hotel retains the right to exclude my pet if, at the Hotel Management’s sole discretion, my dog is considered dangerous or is likely to frighten or harm other guests of the Hotel.

-        I acknowledge, that my dog has received and is current with all required shots and immunizations and confirm that the dog does not have any communicable illnesses or diseases. I can produce those records if required at any time during my stay.

-        I release Admiral Hotel from any and all liability for any injury and/or damage suffered by my dog during my stay at the Hotel.

-        I agree, that at all time while on Hotel property I will ensure that my dog complies with all relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia.


Thank you for adhering to these policies.

Admiral Hotel welcomes you and your dog and wishes you a wonderful stay!

Guest Signature & Date: _______________________________________________________________

Hotel Employee Signature & Date: _____________________________________________________